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A Vintage Rug MVP: The Gallery Rug

Today, we are going to talk about one of my favorite types of oriental rug: the gallery-sized rug!

Gallery rugs are rugs that are longer than a standard rug would be for its width. Common sizes are 5' x 10', 6' x 12' - 15', up to 9' x 20'.  Though initially you may think that uncommon sizes like these are difficult size to use, I've found that they are in fact an ideal solution for all kinds of spaces.  In this blog post, I will highlight just a few examples where I love the use of a gallery rug.

(Apologies in advance that this blog post's inspiration photos are almost exclusively from the talented Amber Interior Design: she regularly uses gallery rugs in her furnishings, and thus has a plethora of good examples to pull from.)

Placement 1: Large Entryways

Gallery rugs are excellent options for wide, open entryways: they offer the length of a runner and the width of a scatter rug. 

via Amber Interior Design, #ClientWestCoastIstheBestCoast

via Jean Stoffer Design

Placement 2: Bedrooms

Read any rug sizing guide and it will tell you to place a rug perpendicular to the length of the bed, leaving the area underneath your bedside tables clear. Most sizing guides will recommend at least an 8x10 for a queen bed, but rooms that are longer can easily manage a longer rug. If the bedroom is wide enough to consider two beds, one clever option is to run a gallery rug under both rugs!


Via Amber Interiors, #clienttupacmeetsbiggietodecoratethesediggies

Placement 3: Ante-rooms

Many homes have a connector room between a private spaces in their home: a room leading to the main bedroom, perhaps, or an ensuite sitting room. These are great gallery rug spaces! If there is enough space for a console, bureau or vignette, there may well be enough space for a rug wider than a runner. Think twice!


via Amber Interior Design, #clientburoundtwo

Placement 4: Dining Nooks

The rule of thumb with rugs in dining rooms are that all legs of all chairs must be fully on the rug. But what about when half of the table's seating is provided by a built-in bench? In our book, dining nooks create a perfect opportunity to use a gallery rug. When half of the table's seating is stationary, your space doesn't require as wide a rug. A 6'5" gallery rug may offer an ideal amount of length without bleeding into an adjoining kitchen or living area. 


via Amber Interior Design, #clientforrealsthenicestpeopleontheplanet


This is by no means an exhaustive list--just something to get the juices flowing! Check out our current inventory for galleries we have in stock, and be sure to contact us if you have a tough space that you want to find a solution for; whether that be a gallery rug or otherwise. We are always happy to brainstorm ideas that might work for you!