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DC Designer Spotlight

Design by Anderson Wier Studio | Photo by Stylish Productions

From the historic row houses of Georgetown to city lofts to coastal suburbs, there is no shortage of good design in the DC metro area, and these are just five of the designers I am watching.

living room by Darryl Carter

Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna

Darryl Carter

A mainstay of the DC design scene, Darryl Carter is internationally-known for his original furniture and lighting designs, his best-selling book, and his well-curated shop. His designs are a master class on balancing polish and patina, and though he favors intricate -- even ornate -- antiques, his spaces always feel clean and sophisticated, never stuffy. He uses found objects and reclaimed materials to bring texture and history, but edits them carefully so that they take on importance rather than become clutter. 

living room with vintage rug

Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Paul Corrie

Paul Corrie's MO is taking a classic DC house and turning it into a livable, comfortable family home that is stylish and exactly to the taste of his client. He mixes old and new in a way that is interesting and unexpected, and his portfolio ranges from traditional and layered to more pulled back and sleek, but always with an apparent attention to detail and high level of casual elegance.

living room by Lauren Liess

Photo by Helen Norman

Lauren Liess

Lauren began making a name for herself in the early days of the DIY home blogger as she and her husband, Dave, were walking that careful balance between starting a family and starting a business. Their's is an inspiring story of determination, sacrifice, and courage, as they took their work from a basement apartment to a national furnishings line, a TV show, a cabinet line, a textiles line, a storefront, (almost) three published books, and more. Not to mention, five kids and various animals! Lauren's portfolio is a reflection of her personality -- warm, familial, and intentional, with a heavy emphasis on meaningful objects intended to make everyday life more beautiful.


foyer by Anderson Wier Studio

Photo by Stylish Productions

Anderson Wier Studio

Lori Anderson Wier is relatively new to the scene, but I predict she is here to stay. She has a clear eye for spotting an interesting form and bringing it to life through impeccable craftsmanship, worldly textiles, and of course, a well-placed vintage or antique item. Her spaces never feel overly-designed, but are decidedly thoughtful. I love following along on her Instagram account, where she posts behind-the-scenes snippets of her home and work life that always leave me wanting to know more.

living room by Byron Risdon

Photo by Keyanna Bowen

Byron Risdon

No two spaces in Byron Risdon's portfolio are exactly alike, reflecting his ability to connect with his clients and express their styles through color, art, and textiles. His style leans masculine, with strong shapes, modern art, and sleek lighting weaving a common thread. I'm particularly drawn to his bold use of color, which feels exciting, but is always carried out with sophistication.