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Design Spotlight: Our Interview with Laura Hodges Design

If Laura Hodges, owner of design firm Laura Hodges Studio and Home Decor Shop Domain, isn’t on your radar, you’re in for a real treat. Laura is an ace at the layered, eclectic style that we at District Rug Shoppe love so much. She is also local to the district area, and we love highlighting the amazing talent we have close to home! She sat down with us to share more about her approach to design, what brings her inspiration, and what rugs she loves from our current collection.

District Rug Shoppe: Tell us a bit about your path to interior design. How did you know this is what you wanted to do?

Laura Hodges: I’ve always loved interior design but I definitely didn’t realize just how incredible this industry could be. I initially earned a business degree then, after working at a marketing firm for a few years and feeling a need to be more creative, I went back to school for interior design. 

DRS: Take note, readers! This is a story in following your gut! Love that. How would you describe your signature style? And how do you tailor and adapt it to different clients and home styles?

LH: I would define my own style as eclectic, tailored and globally inspired. I love to travel and my taste is shaped by studying architecture and design from around the world. I adapt this style to each of my client’s homes by refining and editing their furnishings and overall design aesthetic while staying true to their taste. One of my first questions to new clients is about their own travels and I think about how to incorporate unique design elements and travel memories into their homes. 

Laura Hodges Studio - Eclectic and global Interior Design


DRS: Do you have a favorite project thus far? Talk to us about it!

LH: A favorite recent project was a loft with 18’ high ceilings and lots of custom design elements such as a new set of stairs and railings, a 15’ high bookcase backed with grasscloth and fully custom kitchen and bathrooms. I also had the opportunity to design some beautiful custom pieces of furniture and accessories for this project. 

DRS: That sounds fantastic. I can't wait to see pictures!

DRS: Where do you find inspiration?

LH: I find inspiration from my clients’ unique taste whether it’s art and textiles they already own, their favorite travel destinations, or simply a curated collection of their favorite spaces. 

DRS: What is your philosophy about using new and old pieces in your projects? How do you like to incorporate vintage?

LH: I love to layer in vintage pieces from rugs and textiles to furniture, accessories and artwork. We love to design as sustainably as possible so we always start by asking clients if they would be open to vintage furniture and rugs. Our clients rely on us to layer newly made and vintage or antique pieces for a tailored and eclectic aesthetic. Vintage and antique pieces immediately bring a sense of character and uniqueness to any space. 

DRS: You are not only the owner of an award-winning design studio, and a home decor store, too! What convinced you to launch a store?


LH: I have actually always wanted to have a home decor shop because I love the idea of sharing our design style with a larger audience. We see such amazing design in our day to day sourcing for projects so we love being able to share those great finds with our customers.

DRS: Maryland, D.C., and Virginia readers, be sure to stop by next time you are in Catonsville MD! We can't wait to check it out ourselves.

Last question, Laura: what District Rug Shoppe Rugs are you loving at the moment?

LH: I love the color and design of the Mida (7x10) rug. The neutral color palette would be a beautiful start to any room and the pattern of this Tabriz rug would work well with a lot of design styles. 


The Mida.                                  The Logan.

The Logan (9x12) is one of my favorite rugs because the size is ideal for a king size bed or a standard dining room table. The low pile is perfect for families because it’s easy to keep clean and the neutral palette is a great layer for any space. 

Such a talent!  You can find more of Laura's work on her website, or follow her on instagram. If you are interested in working with her, you can contact her here.