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Design Trend: Separate Vanities in the Bathroom
I will always be drawn to design elements that feel more custom than stock. Whether that is antique rugs, bespoke built-ins, or cabinets that look like furniture. Always watching what our favorite interior designers are creating, there is one design trend I’m seeing more frequently. Two is better than one - we’re seeing more and more bathrooms with individual vanities in lieu of one massive double sink.

Design Trend: Dual Vanities in Master Bath

Design by Kate Marker

Design Trend: Dual Vanities in Master Bath

Design by Nicole Hollis


Maybe it’s because of Covid-19 this year, but it seems like people are taking their personal space more seriously than in years past. Open concept floor plans don’t allow enough privacy while the entire family works-from-home and I think that carries over into the bathroom. Having two individual vanities helps to distinguish the space. What is yours versus what is theirs.

Separate vanities in the bathroom have a decidedly vintage yet modern quality to them and often feel much higher-end, even on a lower budget. Because of their flexibility, you can truly style two separate vanities to fit any interior design style. Dual vanities also prove to be more functional. Organization is made easy by keeping bathroom users’ items grouped together and individually categorized. I love vanities with drawers or open baskets to make access easy.

Below, I have listed out a few of my tips for styling two separate vanities for an elevated, bespoke look.


Design Trend: Dual Vanities in Master Bath

Design by Studio McGee




Keep it Natural

Much like everything in design, sticking to natural materials is key. The trick to keeping this look feel high-end is to source vanities made of natural materials. That may be natural wood, marble, or even a dark stain.


Light Them


The biggest dilemma with dual vanities is where to add the lighting. You can either place sconces directly above each mirror, add a double sconce between the two, or opt for hanging pendants.


Design Trend: Dual Vanities in Master Bath

Design by Rejuvenation

Design by Amber Interiors 

Tie it Together with a Vintage Rug


Ensure the vanities feel connected by anchoring them with a great vintage rug. If the vanities are side by side, opt for a runner in lieu of traditional bath mats. If the vanities are across from each other, a small area rug will ground the bathroom and tie both spaces together. The Lennox' beautiful color palette and great size make it the perfect runner to be added to a bathroom. Nora's deep hues and compact size would make for a striking area rug in the bathroom.


Add Baskets


If the vanities have open shelving, add baskets to corral clutter and bring in additional natural texture. This is particularly helpful for children's bathrooms so they can grab and go.


Design Trend: Dual Vanities in Master Bath

Design by Kate Marker


Bathrooms are one of your home's most used spaces. They deserve to feel as collected and as elevated as the rest of your house. With careful considerations such as function, organization and aesthetics, I know dual vanities will be a lasting trend.