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Dining Room Vintage Rug Guide: Finding the Perfect Fit

Katie Hodges Design

Via Katie Hodges Design

We know there are strong opinions on when to furnish a dining room with a rug, and when to leave the floor bare. We don't intend to settle that debate today, but if you are in the pro-rug camp, we're here for you! And today we will share some helpful tips on how to be sure you are choosing a rug that is the right size for your space.

Katie Hackworth Interiors

Via Katie Hackworth

Dining Room Rug Tips

1. All chair legs should be on the rug.

You've heard it before, but we'll say it again: a dining room rug needs to be big enough to allow any chair to push back away from the table without catching the edge of a rug. Rule of thumb is to allow at least 12 inches behind each chair and up to 24 inches if the room will allow it! If you fall in love with a vintage rug that is the right length but too narrow, consider layering the rug above a sisal or jute rug to provide the scale you need.

Alison Giese Interiors dining room vintage rug

Via Alison Giese Interiors

Typical rug sizes for rectangular tables:
  • Table for 4: 5x8
  • Table for 6: 8x10 (or common vintage sizes: 7x10, 8x11)
  • Table for 8: 9x12 or 10x14 (or common vintage sizes: 10x12, 9x13)

2. Leave some room to breathe.

Don't let your dining room rug feel like a wall-to-wall carpet. Try to keep around 10 inches of  exposed floor visible on all sides of the room.

Via Alison Giese Interiors.

3. Round table and chairs? Vintage is on the table!

Pun intended. Though they are less common, we are here to spread the word: vintage rugs come in square (or nearly square) sizes and can be a perfect option for a round dining table. Though we don't often carry them in the shoppe, we custom source them for clients several times a year. Contact us if you want to explore this option for your project.

Typical Rug sizes for round tables:
  • Round table for 4: 8x8
  • Round table for 6: 10x10

Kitchen Dining Nook Rug Tips

Rug sizing for a dining nook is more flexible. The general rule of "all legs on the rug" still applies, but since you may only have freestanding rugs on one or two sides, you can cheat on width under the table itself if you need to. That means that rugs can be significantly narrower. Here are our tips for success:

Amber Interiors #clienttupacmeetsbiggietodecoratethesediggies

Via Amber Interiors, Photography by Tessa Neudstadt

1. If opting for a vintage selection, consider a gallery-sized rug.

Dining nooks present a great opportunity to use vintage gallery rugs. Gallery rugs come in long and narrow dimensions -- typically found in the 5x10 to 6x12 range -- and are perfect options for kitchen nooks. 

Gallery rugs are one of the best kept secrets in the rug world: they are plentiful, they are less expensive than other rugs their length, and they can be equally as stunning!

Gallery Rugs Currently In-Shoppe




Rugs Shown Above: Left: The Arielle Rug (5x10). 2. The Morgan Rug (6x12)

2. Choose a longer rug if your nook will have a head  chair.

The length of your rug does not need to line up perfectly with the end of a built-in banquette. In fact, we love the look of a rug that extends beyond, and welcomes one more seat to the end of the table.  If you plan to have seating on the ends of your nook, choose a rug that extends underneath the seat.

 via Julia Miller Interiors, photography by Amanda Marie Studio.