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Guide to the Perfect Home Office

It’s officially back to school and for many of us, that means “distance learning” has begun. In addition to the challenge of starting a new school year from home, many of us are also navigating the work/life balance as we continue to work from home. Creating functional, beautiful, and efficient work spaces for kids and adults is the focus of today’s blog post. From updating your home office to creating an at-home school space, there is a certain formula to creating a high functioning work space.

Design by Amber Interiors / Photography by Tessa Neustadt



7 Tips for a High Functioning Home Office

No. 1

Make it beautiful: First and foremost, your home office should be aesthetically pleasing. If it is an eyesore, you’re less likely to find inspiration and you’ll lack concentration. As social distancing continues into the foreseeable future, this is the perfect time to invest in a vintage dining table as a desk or source a higher-end desk with storage that also looks beautiful.

No. 2

Go digital: The majority of office clutter can be scanned in and made digital. By removing clutter and getting organized, you’ll be less likely to find distractions throughout the day. One of the small luxuries of working from home is your control over your environment. It should feel luxurious and inspiring.

No. 3

Add texture: Textiles will help with sound absorption, making for a quieter workspace. A vintage rug, even layered over carpet, will add another layer of dimension and sound proofing. This week, we released our largest collection ever of vintage and antique rugs. Union, Ashton, and Krista would be perfect for warming up your home office.

Design by Ashe Leandro / Photography by Fran Parente


No. 4

Add lighting: Your home office space should have multiple light sources. Overhead, task and ambient lighting help set the mood for a creative and productive workspace. If you don’t have recessed lighting in your workspace, a floor lamp near your desk will pair wonderfully with a table lamp to work by.

No. 5

Have a seat and add an extra: One of the primary reasons why productivity lacks in a home office space is that people get uncomfortable and move to the couch. To prevent that from happening, have a secondary accent chair near your office space you can swap out when that 3pm slump hits.

No. 6

Bring in greenery: Adding live plants to your work space (even a small succulent) will clean your air and brighten your energy. Whether branch clippings from your yard in fresh water changed daily, or potted house plants you rotate frequently, the benefits of plants in your workspace is undeniable.

Design by Jessica de Ruiter / Photography by Nicole LaMotte


No. 7

Designate a specific space: A common challenge to those working from home is distinguishing between work and personal time. By creating a designated workspace, you can close up your laptop at the end of the day and commit to living your life outside the office. During this unprecedented time, boundaries are an integral part of our new routine.


Design by Lindsey Brooke Design / Photography by Amy Bartlam


This formula applies equally to work stations for the littles. Their desk areas can be just as beautiful and intentional as the rest of your home. Consider opting for colors and textures that will grow with them over the years. Focus on storage solutions that make craft time and homework easily accessible. Finally, allow for structured movement. Just as in school, kids thrive in structure sprinkled with adventure. Cheers to a special school year and best of luck.