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How to Transition Your Decor, Seasonally

It may be wishful thinking, but we’re already feeling the first hints at fall here in Washington D.C. As summer begins to wind down and we continue to socially distance and shelter-in-place, the itch for change is in the air. Now, more than ever, there is a desire to update your home through simple, temporary changes. To help update your home for fall, here are four steps to transition your decor, seasonally.


Step 1: Focus on Textiles


How to transition your decor seasonally: Tips from District Rug Shoppe

design Heidi Caillier / photography Haris Kenjar


One of the most cost effective ways to transition your decor to fall is by updating textiles throughout your home. The simple replacement of throw pillows from stripes to tonal, block print floral patterns makes a substantial impact with little effort. Beyond just pattern updates, consider the fibers of your textiles. Swapping lighter linen for something with a heavier weight like Belgian linen or a cotton velvet, subconsciously feels cozier. Lightweight silk can be replaced with a cashmere blend or more rustic wool. Most importantly, consider the color palette. Autumn brings warmer hues inside pulling inspiration from muted mustards, muddy mauves, and rich cognacs.



Step 2: Update Your Lighting -  Starting with Lightbulbs


design Nickey Kehoe


Summer’s longer days typically pull brighter, natural daylight tones in your home. When you’re ready to cozy up your space, control your lighting. Swap your LED bulbs in recessed and accent lighting to a soft or warm white, with 2700 kelvin for task lighting and accent lamps and 3500 for can lights and recessed lighting. This subtle difference will envelope you in a warm glow, complimenting the change in natural light outdoors.

Step 3: Swap your Rug


How to Transition Your Decor for Fall from a vintage rug expert

design Amber Interiors / photography Tessa Neustadt


In any room, the most substantial change you can make without replacing a single piece of furniture is updating your rug. Summer welcomes bleached jute and sisal rugs, but fall was made for a vintage area rug. The higher knot count of an antique Persian Tabriz, Farahan or Turkish oushak make them perfect for creating a more cozy, inviting space as we head into cooler months. Make the most out of your medium sized vintage or antique rug by layering it on top of your existing jute or sisal, amplifying the size and adding an additional layer of texture. Read more about selecting the perfect size rug for your living room here.



Step 4: Transition to Foliage


How to transition your home to fall

design athena calderone / photography nicole franzen 


In lieu of bright floral arrangements, consider clipping wild foliage from your yard to bring the season in. When it comes to branches as decor, bigger is always better. Oversized branches bring a sculptural element to a space that evokes a natural drama. Opt for an asymmetrical arrangement to create a more graceful line. By refreshing their water daily, a cut branch can last up to two weeks in your home.



Featured Image: Nickey Kehoe