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Look We Love: Modern Parisian
Trend We're Loving: Modern Parisian
design by Studio/Lifestyle


Maybe it’s because everyone’s European vacations were cancelled this spring, but I’ve been seeing a major trend in Modern Parisian Design. Combining intricate moulding details with mid-century modern lighting and carefully curated sculptural pieces create this effortless cool European vibe. Modern Parisian is a look I’m currently very much loving.

I’m seeing designers from coast to coast lean into the Modern Parisian trend and it’s exciting to see each of them put their own spin on it. While some lean more traditional with a few subtle mid-century accents, others feel almost like a well curated museum of contemporary art and sculpture. A few of my favorite designers who are nailing this look include Brigette Romanek of Romanek Design Studio, Ashley Kane, Studio/Lifestyle, and Lisa Staton Design.

Look We Love: Modern Parisian
design by Lisa Staton
Look We Love: Modern Parisian

HOW TO GET THE LOOK: Modern Parisian

This look is all about juxtaposition. High contrast and competing styles. Bright white walls and monochromatic trim paired with graceful curves of contemporary furniture. Source a giant vintage rug and pair it with a bold velvet sofa that has clean lines and organic curves.

I have noticed in Modern Parisian design, is every space is ruthlessly edited. Every item is carefully curated without any extra “fuss”. Every item in the space seems to be selected as a conversation piece, yet they blend together beautifully. Whether starting a space from scratch or carefully editing an existing space to create a Modern Parisian haven, remember to combine old and new.


Look We Love: Modern Parisian

design by Carley Summers

One of my favorite things about vintage rugs is how incredibly adaptable they are. Even in the most modern of spaces, a beautiful antique rug instantly warms up a space and brings a level of sophisticated comfort. What’s so beautiful about the Modern Parisian design aesthetic, is that it can work with so many different rug styles. The Natalie’s bold geometric pattern is so lovely, you could design an entire room around it. Both The Dabney and The Beth have a rich color palette despite their 100 year old age, which would perfectly anchor a Modern Parisian room. Their deep saturation makes them the ideal backdrop for sculptural furniture against bright white walls.


Look We Love: Modern Parisian
design by Romanek Design Studio
Look We Love: Modern Parisian
design by City Home Collective


The finishing touch to the Modern Parisian style is unexpected lighting in oversized proportions with sharp angles. Their linear shape creates added depth to a space while perfectly contrasting the warmth of the antique rug below. Mixed metallics, layered textures and unexpected materials make this style so unique.


If you have a project in the works or are ready to begin sourcing for an upcoming project, I'd love to help source the perfect piece for you. Please complete my Custom Sourcing inquiry form here, or browse my current inventory of antique and vintage rugs here.


Look We Love: Modern Parisian
design by Eneia White Interiors

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