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The Anatomy of a Perfect Entryway

An entryway wears a lot of hats. From setting the mood for the rest of your home as you welcome guests to acting as the workhorse catch-all as families come and go, the entryway or foyer of a space requires some strategic thinking to be best utilized. Working with dozens of designers to source the perfect vintage rug for their projects has helped me define the anatomy of a perfect entryway. The most functional and beautiful entries and foyers follow the same formula.

The first steps to designing the perfect entryway are to define, anchor, and heighten. You want to define the space (especially in more open concept floor plans) and distinguish its purpose. As with living rooms or dining rooms, having the perfect sized vintage rug brings the space together and acts as a “boundary” of sorts to define the space.


How to style the perfect entryway

Design by Studio McGee


Next, you’ll want to anchor the space with a substantial piece of furniture. This may be a console table, bench, or even a chest of drawers. If the item is open with legs, you can further anchor the space by adding accent baskets below or a pair of stools.

Finally, you want to bring the eye up and add height in your entryway. An oversized mirror, large artwork, gallery wall, or a statement lamp bring balance to the space. This addition of height completes an entry and creates its own vignette moment. Below, I’m outlining the key pieces that make up the anatomy of a perfect entryway.


The Elements of a Perfect Entryway

A Console Table


This is the key piece to any entryway, as it serves as the anchor to the entire foyer. I particularly love a console table for the added benefit of storage. From sunglasses to wallets, having a console table or vintage dresser makes for an organized entryway, free from clutter. I love chunky tables made of hardwoods or natural stones for the most impactful impression. Since an entryway doesn’t have much furniture, this piece can be a bit larger than you’d normally expect.


A Lamp


I absolutely adore the feeling of a home that has a soft subtle glow coming from the entry at night. A sculptural lamp not only acts as artwork on the entry console, it emits the perfect amount of light early in the morning or late into the evening. This is the perfect place to bring in a metallic element for added warmth and depth.


The Anatomy of a Perfect Entryway

Design by Greige Design


A Vintage Rug


Not surprisingly, a vintage rug is the hero of any beautiful entryway. Their durability, ability to hide dirt and added warmth make vintage rugs the perfect floor accompaniment to any entryway. I love using a vintage runner for a long hallway type entry or a medium sized area rug or gallery rug for a more grand foyer. The Lennox and The Brookland would be perfect in a long entryway, while The Morgan’s beautiful coloring would take entryway traffic perfectly.



Whether a woven seagrass basket, olive wood box or carved bowl, having storage at your entryway is critical. A smaller storage box on top of the console table serves as the perfect drop zone for mail, while larger baskets below catch shoes, backpacks and sports equipment.


The Anatomy of a Perfect EntrywayDesign by Amber Interiors


Catch All Tray


To keep things even more organized, a catch all tray is the perfect solution to keys. I’ve found having a designated space for car keys keeps getting out of the house in the morning way easier. Additionally, it keeps other places in the home clutter free, like the kitchen counter.


Fresh Greenery


One of the less obvious, but largest impact elements is fresh greenery. Simple clippings from the yard in a beautiful earthenware vase make an impressive sculptural statement. They last for weeks by regularly changing their water and smell fresh and clean as you enter your home.


Bench or Stool


The final element, if space permits, is a bench or a stool. Having a place to put on or take off shoes right by the door helps eliminate dirt being tracked throughout the house. I also love that it adds a moment for pause at the start and end of the day. 


Anatomy of a Perfect Entryway