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Our Pricing Philosophy

As a newer online shop, I wanted to take a moment to introduce my pricing philosophy. 

When I decided to launch this store, one of my main motivations for doing so was to make vintage rugs more accessible to interior designers and design-minded homeowners. I know what it is like to have a vision for a space, to search and search and FINALLY find a rug that would be perfect for it, only to realize that the rug costs two-thirds of what you had budgeted for the whole room. I have been there.

When thinking about how I could do it differently, I studied the market and crunched the numbers. I decided to set my profit margins at a fraction of my  competitors, even if it meant I would grow my business more slowly and carry a smaller inventory in-house. I aim to pass on as much value to you, the buyer, as I can, because I've been that buyer!

Does that mean my rugs are inexpensive? Not exactly. I am obsessive about quality and want to sell only rugs that I would be excited to have in my own home. What it means is that I have constructed my business to stretch your money, or your design client's money, further. The $3,500 rug from me is comparable to a $5,000 - $7,000 rug at more established e-commerce rug and home goods shops. The more expensive the rug, the more impressive the steal!

In short: I'm committing to sourcing the best, and prices that give you the most value for your budget. If you are new to rug shopping, it may take you a while to know enough about rugs to see what a unique approach this is in the industry. If you've been around for a while, then you know what you're looking at, and you should go ahead and get the rug that's calling your name, before someone else beats you to it!


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