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Using Vintage Rugs in a Bathroom

Design by Light & Dwell

Vintage rugs are nothing if not versatile, fitting in with a variety of decor styles and in every room in the house -- yes, even bathrooms! If you are nervous about putting a beautiful investment piece into such a hard-working area of your home, never fear. A wool rug is naturally stain-resistant and anti-bacterial, so they can make a good option in a well-ventilated bath with just a few extra considerations. 

bathroom with vintage rug

Design by Kate Marker Interiors

What to look for: 

In a bathroom or otherwise-wet setting, focus on choosing a low-pile rug, which will hold on to less moisture than their higher-pile counterparts. Most of what I have in my shop falls under this category -- Malayers, Mahals, and Karadjas are all great options, as are Turkish styles like Oushaks or Sivas. 

Small prayer rugs make a great addition to powder baths or small rooms, while gallery rugs are often great options for mid-sized bathrooms. If you have a long vanity, a runner may be appropriate. And of course, if you need help finding a special size or color palette, be sure to check out my custom sourcing service.

bathroom with vintage rug

Design by Amber Interiors | Photo by Tessa Neustadt

How to care for your rug:

Normal care strategies apply in a bathroom, chief among them being the need for a rug pad, which will extend the life of your rug no matter where it is placed. When you make a purchase in my shop, you'll have to option to add a custom-sized pad to your order. A weekly vacuuming (with the beater bar in the upright position) is sufficient for keeping your rug clean, as long as the rug stays mostly dry.

The best place for a rug is in front of the vanity where minimal splashing will occur, but if you decide to use one in front of a tub or shower, I recommend not stepping on it with wet feet. Either take care to towel off before stepping out, or keep a small, absorbent rug or towel on hand to place over your vintage rug after you bathe. Then, be sure to hang it to dry between uses.

If you are now convinced that a vintage rug is a good option for your space, browse my in-stock options here, or get more tips for caring for your vintage rug.