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Why You Should Use Vintage Rugs in Kids Spaces

Think a vintage rug is too precious to use in a child's room? Think again. A vintage or antique rug could be the key item your kids’ space needs to anchor the room, provide beautiful color, stand up to playtime and grow with them through the years. Nothing feels more special than having a piece you’ll cherish for years to come. These time tested pieces will add so much personality to a space, hide spills or stains well in their intricate patterns and make a child's space feel more like home. Still unsure? Here is why you should be using vintage rugs in kids spaces:


Design by Amber Interiors | Photography by Tessa Neudstat


Vintage Rugs are Durable


As we’ve touched on before, the durability and longevity of a vintage rug is unprecedented. Their vintage and antique hand knots are stronger than that of a modern loom, and by nature, get tighter with age. It goes without saying, durability is invaluable in a heavily trafficked child's space. A well sourced vintage rug for a kid’s room will hold up to late night feedings in a nursery and add some extra softness during playtime. Passerine Home has partnered with Ultra-Guard to provide an optional layer of added protection against stains and fading that won’t wear off with regular cleaning or wear. Read more about how to care for your vintage rug here

Nursery design with a vintage rug
Design by Pierce and Ward


Vintage Rugs Will Grow with Your Little Ones


One thing I’ve always valued in interior design is a space that can grow with the client. Little kids’ rooms shouldn’t be any different. Whether creating a children's bedroom, distance learning space or playroom, focus on investing in quality pieces that will grow with them and let them select fun accents that they can switch out as their tastes and interests change. 

Children's room with a vintage rug
Design by Whitney McGregor


They’ll Become a Family Heirloom


In a child’s space, I love using items that will be passed down to siblings or future generations. A beautiful vintage rug is the perfect piece to bring into a child's space as a treasured keepsake. Natural materials, low pile and hand-crafted technique are the common reasons that keep rugs passed down for generations.

Bunk room with a vintage rug
Design by Bria Hammel | Photography by Spacecrafting

They Will Make a Color Palette for the Full Room


I carefully curate my collection of vintage and antique rugs, deeply taking into consideration the quality of the construction, condition and color palette. In a kids’ space, color is an important variable, and a beautiful rug can act as the anchor to the palette. Beautiful, non-gendered options include rugs woven with rust, marigolds, sage and moss. Patterns with soft heathers, pale blues and deep charcoals often make for wonderful palettes placed in nurseries or playrooms. Or, consider an all-natural hemp kilim for a classic white floor option that is hard-wearing and durable. If you need any help finding a specific rug for your space, I offer complimentary concierge rug sourcing services to scout out the perfect piece for your space.

Children's room design with a vintage rug
Design by Amber Interiors | Photography by Tessa Neudstat

Kids Spaces Use Smaller, More Affordable Options


A favorite reason to use a vintage or antique rug in a kids’ space is that often, those spaces are smaller and call for a smaller sized area rug. It’s a great place to begin investing in quality rugs as the price point will be less expensive. I think a 4x7 or 4x9 style rug, such as The Columbia, can look great in a smaller room alongside a twin bed  particularly if you don’t have the space for a larger 8x10 rug. As the child grows (and their space does as well), layering this smaller vintage rug over a jute or sisal option is a great way to extend its use.


Nursery design with a vintage rug

Design by Julia Miller Interiors | Photography by Amanda Marie Studio