Lady (10X14)
Lady (10X14) Lady (10X14) Lady (10X14) Lady (10X14) Lady (10X14) Lady (10X14) Lady (10X14)

DIMENSIONS: 9'10" X 13'7"

ORIGIN: 1930s Kerman

RUG COLORS: Beige, white, soft pink, Indian teal


MATERIAL: Wool on cotton

DESCRIPTION:  Kerman rugs are city rugs, hand-knotted in by skilled artisans working in highly specialized workshops for commercial sale. Their high knot count per square inch enhances the rug's durability, making these styles excellent options for high-traffic areas and families with dogs and children. This rug demonstrates the intricate and delicate designs possible when working with such high knot counts. It epitomizes an understated elegance. Pattern, color variation, and signs of wear with vintage items is normal. If you have specific questions about wear or colors, email hello[at]passerinehome[dot]com or to call us to discuss this rug in more detail.

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