Large Rugs


Large Vintage Rugs

Passerine classifies any rug with dimensions larger than a 6x9 as a ‘large rug’. Large vintage rugs are excellent candidates for living room, dining room, family room and bedroom spaces and can provide a grounding color palette for the overall space. Our large vintage rugs are loved by designers and homeowners alike for their mix of subdued color palettes and eye-catching designs.

Passerine’s large rug inventory offers a mix of all-over designs, medallion designs, and tribal motifs. We intentionally source a mix of dark and moody and neutral color palettes to have irresistible options for any design objective. Regardless of your color and design preferences, you can rest assured that the craftsmanship in each Passerine-sourced large rug will make your selection a valuable addition to any home. The rugs can last for decades and will only become more lustrous and beautiful as it continues to patina and age in place. 

We often encounter hesitancy from families with young kids about investing in vintage pieces, and encourage customers to reframe vintage rugs (whether large or small) as wonderful, sustainable family options. Our large vintage rugs were made with high-quality and hard-wearing materials (wool, cotton, and vegetable-based dyes) that were chosen to withstand daily wear. They are as kid and pet-friendly as a wool blanket, and are well suited to areas with high foot traffic. They are not only tough and resistant to stains, but they are also easy to clean through regular vacuuming.