Medium Rugs


Medium Vintage Rugs

Passerine classifies any rug with dimensions larger than a 4x6 and smaller than a 7x10 as a ‘medium rug’. Prices for our medium vintage rugs vary by size, style, and origin, but reflect excellent value at any budget. Vintage and semi-antique rugs of this size are often narrower than newer rugs of these length, and it is easy to find nonstandard, unusual sizes for your home’s tight, odd spaces (4x9’s, 6x10’s, no problem)!. Medium rugs are ideal for studies, smaller bedrooms, mudrooms, and smaller living rooms. Find a beautiful medium rug that you love, but it is too small for the space you have in mind? Simply layer it on a larger jute rug. We love our medium vintage rug collection for its ultimate versatility and variety.

Consider investing in a vintage rug from our Medium Rugs collection as part of a  sustainable lifestyle choice. We bring the world to you, so you can carry its story and craftsmanshp into your home.