Noir (4X11)
Noir (4X11) Noir (4X11) Noir (4X11) Noir (4X11) Noir (4X11) Noir (4X11) Noir (4X11) Noir (4X11) Noir (4X11)

DIMENSIONS: 4'4" X 11'4"

ORIGIN: 1920s Malayer

RUG COLORS: Midnight blue, cafe au lait, flecks of smokey blue and rose 


MATERIAL: Wool on cotton

DESCRIPTION:  If you are looking for a moody, richly pigmented runner for a wide hallway or entryway, look no further! This deep blue village rug features a centered anchor medallion surrounded by an intricate field of pansies and roses. Foundation and wear in excellent condition with a small patched repair evident on one end (see photo). Pattern, color variation, and signs of wear with vintage items is normal. If you have specific questions about wear or colors, email hello[at]passerinehome[dot]com or to call us to discuss this rug in more detail.

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