Esma (4 x 9)
Esma (4 x 9) Esma (4 x 9) Esma (4 x 9) Esma (4 x 9) Esma (4 x 9) Esma (4 x 9) Esma (4 x 9) Esma (4 x 9) Esma (4 x 9) Esma (4 x 9)
$800.00 $1,200.00

DIMENSIONS: 4' 4" x 9' 3"

ORIGIN: 1910s Soumak

COLORS: red, rust, royal blue, navy blue, black, orange, white

DESCRIPTION: Esma is a perfect accent rug. She can serve as a wide runner or area rug for an entryway, kitchen, office, hallway or bedroom. The handwoven rug features original, vegetable-dyed colors of rich blues, reds, and black. Her geometric patterns would be a perfect compliment to mid-century or modern streamlined design and lend a masculine edge. 

Note: Soumaks are tribal rugs with a different knotting style than traditional Persian or Turkish rugs. Rather than knotting wool on a cotton warp-and-weave backing, the wool weft thread itself is dyed and then decoratively knotted against the warp backing. The picture of the back of the rug shows more loose weft pieces; this is typical of the style and has no bearing on the durability or value of the rug. Pattern, color variation, and signs of wear with vintage items is normal. 

PILE: Flat weave / Low pile. We recommend using rug pads with all low or shaved pile rugs.