Penn (3 x 14)
Penn (3 x 14) Penn (3 x 14) Penn (3 x 14) Penn (3 x 14) Penn (3 x 14) Penn (3 x 14) Penn (3 x 14)

DIMENSIONS: 3'2" x 13'9"

ORIGIN: 1920s Malayer

RUG COLORS: Sage green, slate blue, pale pink, light and dark browns

DESCRIPTION:  The Penn is a Malayer rug, hand-knotted by a cottage industry of small shops and in-home weavers. Its repeating medallion pattern is similar to the patterns observed in tribal styles observed elsewhere, such as the karadja style, and reflects the intermingling of rug-making traditions among neighboring regions. This rug has been treated with an antique wash, softening its tones to appeal to the palette of any modern-day home. Pattern, color variation, and signs of wear with vintage items is normal.

PILE: Low pile. We recommend rug pads with all Passerine rugs.