We founded Passerine to bring the beauty and history of handmade vintage rugs to your home. As we invest in our mission to make home a place of beauty, warmth, and refuge, we commit to doing so in a way that is equitable and anti-racist. Black Lives Matter.

Though we are a young business, we are a white woman-owned one, and recognize our privilege and growing influence in our local community. We commit to using that privilege to actively engage in anti-racism work and to weave these actions into our approach to Passerine business policies, partners, and people.

Our Policies

  • Passerine will use its influence to actively seek out and highlight Black and IPOC designers, artists, and makers in the DMV and beyond. We will celebrate diverse talent and achievements and #amplifymelanatedvoices. This is an ongoing commitment that reaches across all channels.
  • We seek to make all Passerine blog and social media channels spaces of beauty, warmth, and refuge. No hate speech or ‘opinions’ that reinforce systems of oppression will be tolerated.

Our People

  • As the Passerine team grows, we commit to researching and adopting DE&I-aligned policies around recruitment, hiring, equitable pay, and benefits
  • Passerine is committed to developing the next generation of creative entrepreneurs and building professional capital through internships for BIPOC college students in the greater DC area. As soon as the business requires it, Passerine will partner with local organizations to recruit interns. Positions will be paid at a livable wage.

Our Partners

  • As of June 2020, 50% of Passerine vendors are BIPOC, including 25% that are Black. We will continue to track where we invest our money on a quarterly basis. We commit to maintaining at least 50% BIPOC vendors.
  • Passerine will seek out vendors who use their professional platforms to actively engage in anti-racist work.


If you have feedback on how we could further our commitments to be an anti-racist organization, please share them with us on Instagram (@passerinehome) or via email (hello@passerinehome.com). We are eager to hear your thoughts and make this better. 

Thanks to Britt Interiors for encouraging others to take the time to write a DEI statement, and for sharing the link to the highly informative Small Business Reimagined Town Hall . This statement was informed by the discussion facilitated by Rachel Rodgers with input from Ericka Hines, Susan Hyatt, Nathan Barry, Sonya Renee Taylor, and Robert Hartwell.