Anais (5X9)
Anais (5X9) Anais (5X9) Anais (5X9) Anais (5X9) Anais (5X9) Anais (5X9) Anais (5X9) Anais (5X9) Anais (5X9)

DIMENSIONS: 5'0" x 9'3"

ORIGIN: 1930s Ferehan

RUG COLORS: Terra-cotta, brick red, moss, amber, honey, black


MATERIAL: Wool on cotton

DESCRIPTION:  This rug is a fantastic deal for its quality of weave and size, and carries a story consistent with its age. The small white spots here and there across the rug indicate where previous patches were once attached. These patches became discolored and obvious when the rug was antique-washed; patches were made with rug pile dyed with chrome-based dyes, while the original rug's pile features vegetable-based dyes.  Whoever enjoys the quirks of this rug will gain a stunning gallery rug with an all-over herati field design and a high knot count. The rug is fully stabilized and prepared for the next hundred years of wear. If you have specific questions about wear or colors, email hello[at]passerinehome[dot]com or to call us to discuss this rug in more detail.

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