Britt (3 x 5)
Britt (3 x 5) Britt (3 x 5) Britt (3 x 5) Britt (3 x 5) Britt (3 x 5) Britt (3 x 5) Britt (3 x 5) Britt (3 x 5) Britt (3 x 5) Britt (3 x 5)

DIMENSIONS: 3'4" x 5'10"

ORIGIN: 1920s hamadan scatter rug

RUG COLORS: Maroon, pink, blue, navy, olive

MATERIALS: Wool on cotton


DESCRIPTION:  Britt is a striking, moody small hamadan village rug. It features a series of medallions within its central field, some with tribally-inspired karadja-like extensions, others contained in diamonds. The guard borders feature boteh designs, symbolizing fire, life force and fertility. Perhaps most striking its its vegetable-dyed colors, which are rich and vivid but an overall dark palette. This rug would be a great candidate for any entryway, bathroom, or kitchen corner given its compact size -- you may be tempted to move it around the house and enjoy it everywhere!

Pattern, color variation, and signs of wear with vintage items is normal. District Rug Shoppe recommends rug pads with all of its rugs.

NOTE: This rug has been repaired since these professional pictures were taken. The rug's sides have been hand-surged with new thread, to reduce any chance of unraveling or tears. The rug is now in excellent condition and ready for its next chapter.