Simone (7 X 9)
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DIMENSIONS: 6'7" x 9'3"

ORIGIN: 1970s Acid Washed Tabriz

RUG COLORS: beige, cream, taupe, white


MATERIAL: Wool on cotton

DESCRIPTION: This rug is a 1970s authentic tabriz which has been overdyed with an acid wash. This process removes the majority of its original dye colors, in this case leaving a super neutral, soft palette of beige and white. This rug offers texture and character while providing a lovely backdrop for any living space.

Acid washed tabrizes are excellent candidates for high-traffic zones and families with kids, as they are virtually indestructible. Their shaved pile limits risk of stains, and offers an affordable, one-of-a-kind alternative to other neutral rugs often favored by designers (e.g. jute, sisal). Pattern, color variation, and signs of wear with vintage items is normal.

Note:  Many acid-washed rugs sold from overseas vendors are actually new construction rugs that are then treated to look like authentic vintage styles. Beware of these knock-offs, as they do not offer the strength and durability of a classic high-density tabriz construction. The acid wash process can destroy rug foundations in rugs with looser weaves, and may result in a rug that deteriorates in a matter of months or years.