Rae (4 X 9)
Rae (4 X 9) Rae (4 X 9) Rae (4 X 9) Rae (4 X 9) Rae (4 X 9) Rae (4 X 9) Rae (4 X 9) Rae (4 X 9) Rae (4 X 9) Rae (4 X 9)

DIMENSIONS: 4'3" X 9'3"

ORIGIN: 1930s Kurdish

RUG COLORS: Soft rose, cocoa, brilliant blue, army green, merlot


MATERIAL: Wool on wool

LOCATION: This rug is on display at Sanabria & Co's 'The Shop'. Buy it in person, or online.

DESCRIPTION: This rug's wool foundation makes the rug particularly soft and supple -- it could be wrapped around you like a blanket. Its design features a flower motif in terra-cotta and rose hues against a brilliant blue background. It has been treated with an antique wash, softening its tones to appeal to the palette of any modern-day home. Pattern, color variation, and signs of wear with vintage items is normal.

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