Terra (3 x 16)
Terra (3 x 16) Terra (3 x 16) Terra (3 x 16) Terra (3 x 16) Terra (3 x 16) Terra (3 x 16)

DIMENSIONS: 3'3" x 16'1"

ORIGIN: 1920s Malayer

RUG COLORS: Dark brown, terra-cotta, grey blue, gold

MATERIALS: Wool pile on cotton

DESCRIPTION:  The Terra is a Malayer rug, hand-knotted by a cottage industry of small shops and in-home weavers. Its unusual angular motif is highly inventive and speaks to the creativity afforded malayer weavers, inspired by ornate designs that they may have observed and attempted to adopt from neighboring city workshops.  Deep brown and black fields like the one observed here are exceedingly rare, and make this runner even more unusual and unique.  The outer border features a repeating motif of snakes, which symbolize strength, wisdom, and immortality. 

This rug features a has been treated with an antique wash, softening its tones to appeal to the palette of any modern-day home. Pattern, color variation, and signs of wear with vintage items is normal.

PILE: Low pile. We recommend rug pads with all Passerine rugs.