Zak (6X9)
Zak (6X9) Zak (6X9) Zak (6X9) Zak (6X9) Zak (6X9) Zak (6X9) Zak (6X9) Zak (6X9)

DIMENSIONS: 5'10" X 9'

ORIGIN: Mid-century Hezar-jerib kilim

RUG COLORS: Soft Black, chocolate brown, ecru, taupe


MATERIAL: 100% wool with cotton canvas backing (for strength)

DESCRIPTION: Hezar-jerib kilims are a style originally woven by Kurdish villagers in Mazandaran region of northwestern Iran. This minimalist pileless carpet style was only recently discovered by rug collectors in the late 1990's. Hezar-jarib kilims were originally designed to be used as protective covers to store more valuable pile carpets, including the pile carpets of  Qajar palaces. Agrarian local villagers use them in far more adaptable ways: over felt rugs, as wall decorations or room dividers, or layered and scattered, in rooms with colorful cushions and household objects. They were woven originally as long strips, and are then cut up and selvage sewn together to make a multi-panel carpet.  Unlike Turkish kilims, which are often a mix of wool, goat hair, hemp, and cotton, these Persian styles are 100% wool.

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Though all of Passerine's Persian kilims come with a reinforced canvas backing, we recommend using rug pads to increase traction and cushion. Add a custom-sized rug pad to your order using order add-on the drop down above.